Scandy Launches Kickstarter for 3D Spherical Panorama Prints

Scandy, a New Orleans-based 3D printing company, has just launched the Scandy Sphere, enabling users to 3D print spherical panoramas of images. The company is bringing digital images into the real world with the 360° sphere.

Co-founder Charles Carriere had the idea while he was laying in a guest bedroom of his in-laws house. “The bed had those old brass balls on the head board and he was looking at one and thought, oh wow, that’s a cool effect,” explains Cole Wiley, Carriere’s co-founder. Carriere wondered if he could do anything with the idea, ran it by the team, and they all ended up loving it.

ScandyWiley went out of town and returned to the office and a sphere is on his desk. “So this is happening,” he thought. “That was September 6th. We launched our Kickstarter a month and a half later. It’s been pretty fast moving.”

The startup launched its first app in March 2015 and has been a labor of love, says Wiley. “Gone are the days when users need expensive hardware to scan in 3D. Scandy 1.0 works with any phone.”

As of October 27, the Scandy Sphere is on Kickstarter in hopes to bring full-color 3D prints to users. With just under one month to go on the campaign, Scandy has raised $6,050 from 71 backers out of the $25,000 goal.

By bringing this to the Kickstarter community, we are excited to be able to put our technology into your hands sooner! No need for an extra scanner. The only hardware you need to create a Scandy Sphere is a smartphone — the one you have in your pocket.”

“Until now, creating 3D content has been hard”, says Scandy founder Charles Carriere. “Our mission at Scandy is to change that. We want everyone to be able to scan their world in 3D and order beautiful 3D-printed content.”

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