Dat.Market Launches E-Commerce Site for New Orleans Goods

Following a successful beta test in September, online retailer Dat.Market has officially launched its website dedicated to selling New Orleans-made goods.

Sole proprietor Ryan Bowman started the site as a collaboration of products from the best artisans in the greater New Orleans area.

Bowman chose New Orleans because it is one of the few cities he has visited that have what he calls flavor. He says the unique, distinct vibe cannot be reproduced.

He knew there were tons of quality goods made right in the area, but many cookie cutter goods and imports were being passed off as original, local items. “The opportunity to preserve the integrity of locally made goods, help vendors with increased visibility outside of the local market, and enabling tourist a single online marketplace, to see it here but buy it later, became my mission,” he explained.

Dat.Market is the newest online retailer of New Orleans-made goods.

Dat.Market is the newest online retailer of New Orleans-made goods.


The site has local products in multiple categories including jewelry, home and hosting, apparel, bath and body, and food with no minimum purchase free shipping.

In the near term, Dat.Market will likely double in product category depth while introducing new categories. “If its made here locally you will most likely see it on Dat.Market within the next two years,” shared Bowman.

There is no fee to sell on Dat.Market, and they are actively looking for new vendors to expand the site that is poised for growth. The company works closely with each individual supply partner to insure the business model meets the needs of both supplier and Dat.Market.

“I find products by putting my feet on the street and exploring the markets.  Usually, I will sit back and see how the vendor interacts with customers, presents the product, and then decide if I want to explore a partnership,” said Bowman.