Independent Gaming League Prepares for Inaugural Event, NOLA Gaming Fest

Independent Gaming League (IGL) is an organization focused on bringing together industry professionals, gamers, enthusiasts, and anyone else that loves gaming. This January (2-3), IGL is hosting its inaugural event, NOLA Gaming Fest, at the Pontchartrain Center.

NOLA Gaming FestThe event will feature an array of tournaments organized by local competitive gaming groups and gaming centers including: Dibbz LAN Gaming Center, Go4Games, ICE Computer Cafe, Louisiana Fighting Game Community, Awesome Geeks, and many more.

“We’re also actively working on programming some great keynotes and panels from indie game makers, and we’ll be inviting a variety of vendors and artists to set up booths throughout the venue to peddle all sorts of wares and gaming-centric art,” says IGL co-founder Joe Corbett.

Corbett says the event will likely attract upwards of 5,000 gamers and game makers.

IGL, which was formed in partnership with GameHedz, is dedicated to celebrating and supporting designers, developers, gamers, and anyone else whose life is impacted by video games.

“We’ll be producing events of various sizes and scopes that assemble industry professionals and local gaming communities to participate in panels, keynotes, and competitive e-sports tournaments,” Corbett shared.

Derek Thomas, Corbett’s business partner, is tapped into the gaming scene in New Orleans. “We decided that our first event would be NOLA Gaming Fest because of Derek’s ability to organize all the different gaming groups in New Orleans,” said Corbett.

They plan to host events all over, including Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Washington D.C. (where Corbett lives), and New York.