Global Shapers New Orleans Hub Offering Free Consulting to Local Businesses

The Global Shapers Community is a network of over 450 international hubs designed to target and engage emerging leaders under 30 who want to make an impact on their communities. Since launching as an initiative of the World Economic Forum four years ago, there are now over 5,800 members around the world.

Global Shapers The Global Shapers New Orleans hub is a group developed and led by young people who want to make a positive impact on the local community.

Each global hub is required to work on or create one project throughout the year. The New Orleans hub differs from others through their Consulting Grant, which first launched last year.

The concept of the consulting grant stems from the Global Shapers’ mission to create value in the region utilizing the Shaper’s expertise and networks of resourceful, creative individuals.

However, the hub realized that the traditional approach of identifying a need in the city, creating a project to address the need and then measuring the outcome may not be the most impactful allocation of resources. Instead, they are looking to the community to provide insight into what areas truly have an unmet need.

New Orleans businesses, startups, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and more are invited to apply for the Consulting Grant that will provide resources completely free of charge.

Antonio Alonzo, one of the newest additions to the hub, says their range of talents allows them to accept multiple projects throughout the year in different areas such as marketing, design, business development, operations, data analysis and more.

“It could also be consulting on a business plan or operational agreement. Nothing is out of the question as this point,” he continued.

“Last year we worked on a social media campaign for a film festival in addition to logo and branding design for a social entrepreneur with ties to Louisiana’s wetlands,” shares Jake Kupperman, Co-Curator of the New Orleans hub. “We’re excited to see what types of projects come in this year.”

To apply for the Consulting Grant, click here.


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