10 Great Tulane Startups Looking to Build Their Teams

As both the new year and the new semester kick off, students at Tulane University are getting busy scheduling meetings, creating work timelines, and reaching out to the New Orleans community to bring their innovative startup ideas to life. Since the launch of the entrepreneurial platform FailUp last September, Tulane students have been collaborating online to develop impactful startups in fields ranging from economics to education. Now, they are looking for dedicated individuals to join their teams.

Whether you are tech-savvy, marketing-minded, or creatively inclined, each of these ten startup teams are looking for you. Team member categories include “techies” who specialize in programming or website design, “promoters” who focus on advertisement and community outreach, and “creatives” who contribute to designs and user interface. Read about each team below and visit FailUp’s website to learn more and collaborate.


What they do: Our social venture, ImpACT seeks to foster academic opportunity through free ACT preparation for educationally underserved students in the New Orleans community. This program strives to open doors to higher education by aiding high school students from educationally underserved communities in obtaining college ready scores. By partnering with high schools, ImpACT can work to eliminate disparity.

Who they need: Techies & Promoters. Connect on FailUp

BBB (Better Biking Business)

What they do: New Orleans has the 4th highest percentage of bike commuters, but is only the 44th most friendly biking city in the country. The moody weather and deteriorating street conditions take a toll on bicycles. The bicycle repair shops in the city are separated by miles, making it hard for bicyclists to maintain and repair their bikes. BBB is a convenient bike repair and maintenance service, based entirely out of vans that travel to the customer. In doing so, we can provide the highest level of convenience to the customer, while eliminating the need for a costly physical location. Since we will always be the closest repair shop, we can create powerful relationships with our customers.

Who they need: Techies & Promoters. Connect on FailUp.


What they do: TextbooksChange is an online platform that will allow students to buy and sell textbooks online. It cuts out the middle man like Chegg and Amazon and allows students to set their own prices. Furthermore it allows for extreme convenience by allowing the buyer and seller to exchange their textbooks on campus while allowing for transactional data to take place online.

Who they need: Techies, Creatives, & Promoters. Connect on FailUp.


What they do: Classy is a mobile app where college students can create an account using an .edu email to buy/sell/trade things, send message inquiries, and choose their payment method. By linking a bank account to the app students will be able to pay for items or collect payments directly to their bank account. The application uses location features as well.

Who they need: Techies.Connect on FailUp.

One Percent New Orleans

What they do: Provide businesses with the most simple and effective way of improving New Orleans through funding high-impact Nonprofit startup organizations. Businesses pledge to make tax-deductible donations of 1% of their net profits in order to be eligible for membership. They can then freely use the 1% NOLA logo and will be notified of the social impact that their donations helped facilitate.

Who they need: Creatives. Connect on FailUp.

ReCharge: NOLA

What they do: ReCharge is a concept for a green jobs training program organized around temporary solar photovoltaic arrays on abandoned urban space. These ‘pop-up’ installations will draw attention of neighbors- stimulating recruitment of local intern cohorts, provide opportunities for hands on learning and empower communities to redefine land-use of blighted spaces while co-creating a sustainable future.

Who they need: Techies, Promoters, & Creatives. Connect on FailUp.


What they do: RentWare is a multi-software renting program, allowing users to rent software at a low cost with a monthly subscription; it is the software version of renting textbooks. Since the program will be downloaded onto the user’s computer, even if their subscription runs out, the user will still be able to access saved files created with that app, but will not be able to edit them or create new ones.

Who they need: Techies & Promoters. Connect on FailUp.


What they do: For retail timing is everything. In the local environment, where many merchants lack a virtual presence, finding out about sales or specials is often difficult. Just think about the number of times you’ve missed out on an incredible deal. The reality is that word travels fast, just not fast enough. In the local retail environment everyone shops, few save. We’ve set out to change that. BragOn gives deals a new home, crowdsourced straight to your phone. An all-inclusive bargain hunting experience. Use our mobile app to Find, Share, and Save in your local retail environment! Tag product categories that interest you to set your preferences Brag about deals that exceed your expectations for price/quality Snag deals found by other users that appear in your personalized feed

Who they need: Promoters. Connect on FailUp.


What they do: There is no efficient way for people to collaboratively edit photos together simply, swiftly, and dynamically. Frameshare is an app that fills this gap. You can add stickers, images from a built-in image search engine, and text boxes to your photo, as well as a scrawling feature that adds in your own handwritten words. You can select whose edits you want to see on the photo anytime.

1. Share photo with exact friends. 2. Everyone it’s shared between can edit photo. 3. Select whose exact edits you want to see by clicking their names [Patent Pending]

Who they need: Techies. Connect on FailUp.

New Orleans Originals

What they do: New Orleans Originals is a central marketplace for products inspired by the city of New Orleans that are created by independent artisans in the city. We offer a single location for the interested consumer to discover local independent artists and their products from the city of New Orleans, wherever they might be in the world.

Who they need: Promoters. Connect on FailUp.


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