New Orleans Tech Startup Oseberg Raises $10 Million

Oseberg, the company that leverages filings in the oil and gas industry, has closed a $10 million private equity round led by Houston Ventures.

Oseberg logoThe startup provides the tools to find, sort and scour public filings to then generate insights. Current coverage includes all of Oklahoma and much of Texas.

Public filings in the oil & gas industry contain almost every data point that creative explorationists need in order to uncover opportunity. That means that the clues to the next big play, well, or deal are typically hiding in plain sight.”

Oseberg hopes to use its data to solve problems in the oil and gas industry. “The more data you have, the more accurate your map of the world is and the more likely it is you get to where you want to go, which is higher profits,” said Beau Babst, a product manager at Oseberg.

The Oseberg product lineup includes Oseberg Atla, the powerful insight engine available as a desktop app, and Oseberg Sol, the affordable web-based version of their analytics software.

“The first step to solving a problem is understanding it. We’re not just a company that’s changing the way Oil and Gas companies look at data — we’re a living encyclopedia on everything related to it,” explains Babst.

In addition to the two co-founders of the company, Evan Anderson and Erik Gilje, Oseberg employs at least 12 other employees in both New Orleans and Oklahoma City. The company recently hired a data analyst and is currently looking to hire software developers and other positions in the New Orleans office.

The company was founded in 2009 and opened the New Orleans office in 2014, a project that was led by James Yockey, New Orleanian and President of Oseberg since July 2012.


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