The 2015 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 2


Ben Cappiello

Ben founded the medical device firm, Bioceptive, along with Shuchi Khurana in 2010.  Bioceptive is a venture-backed firm currently developing a patent-pending IUD insertion device. He holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University and certificates in various aspects of women’s health and contraception. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Blaine Lindsey

Blaine is the CEO of the startup GetHealthy, an online, incentive platform that helps people make long-term, lifestyle decisions that improve health. He was also the CEO of Capra Health, also based in New Orleans, for nearly four years. His most recent gig is executive director of Aledade, Inc., a startup intent on creating healthcare that is better for patients and doctors, and is lower cost. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Blair Broussard

Blair joined the growing public relations firm AR|PR to head up the New Orleans office in late 2013 as the vice president. Over the last year few years, the company has added several employees and won even more awards. Blair is also a member of local professional organizations, Net2.0 as well as Baton Rouge Social Media Club. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Brendan Finke

Along with fellow Tulane graduate Joe McMenemon, Brendan founded ChapterSpot to solve the problems of group management. ChapterSpot’s online application allows groups (initially fraternities and sororities) to communicate efficiently, collect membership dues, share important files, maintain a member database and design a website all on one platform. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Brent McCrossen

Music licensing and interactive media professional Brent McCrossen is the Founder and current CEO of Audiosocket in addition to founding Interface Booking and Mgt back in 2001. As a music industry entrepreneur, he has already been highly successful with Audiosocket, building relationships with MTV, NBC, ABC, Disney and many more within the last few years. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Brian Bordainick

Previously the Director of Entrepreneurial Investment at 4.0 Schools, Brian is now the CEO at Dinner Lab, a rapidly growing national supper club. Founded in New Orleans, the unique and curated dining experience has now expanded into dozens of cities including Austin, New York and Miami. On LinkedIn.

Chris Boyd

Chris moved to New Orleans a few years ago and started Apptitude, a full-service app development studio based out of the co-working space Beta. Chris and his team make apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and recently launched three new apps: Hotel St Helene, Melrose Mansion, and Hotel Royal. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Chris Laibe

Chris is the president of StaffInsight, which provides a powerful method to hospitals and long term care facilities optimize their workforce and improve retention of their employees. He is also on the board of The Idea Village and Aptify, and has been the president on in FRONT USA for over 13 years. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Chris Mangum

As president and CEO of Servato, which provides a Platform-as-a-Service solution for remote DC power management in industrial settings, Chris considers himself a growth-oriented executive with the experience to back it up. He also is involved in as an investor and board member, and was previously an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at The Idea Village. On LinkedIn.

Chris Reade

After founding Carrollton Technology Partners back in 1995 in New York City, Chris moved the company to New Orleans in 2000 and has been president for the last 13 years. In January 2014, he became president of LookFar, a software development studio that partners with both startups and established businesses to help them prioritize their goals and build custom software. He is also CEO of time and billing system Jodia. On LinkedIn.


This year’s Silicon Bayou 100 was made possible by sponsors 365 Connect, a leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing and resident technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry, and LookFar, a software development studio. Beer from our beverage sponsor, the startup brewery Cajun Fire, will also be provided. 365 Connect Logo Lookfar Logo

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