The 2015 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 3


Chris Schultz

Chris co-founded and is CEO Launch Pad, and also founded Voodoo Ventures, Flatstack, and TribeCon. For over two years, he has been working on Niko Niko, an app that makes it fun and easy to capture your mood throughout the day. Although he moved to San Francisco in 2015, Chris still has deep roots in the New Orleans entrepreneurial scene. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Cole Wiley

Cole is the chief technology officer at Entrescan, where he manages the development their application Scandy. He also oversees all the technical aspects of selling and servicing the line of 3D Systems and 3D printers they distribute. Scandy is a New Orleans-based 3D printing company. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Colin Grussing

After launching 5 successful startups and making several strategic real estate investments, Colin has become nationally recognized as an entrepreneurial whiz. In June 2013 he came up with the idea for 52businesses, a company that would launch one business per week for an entire year, which brought him additional recognition particularly in the New Orleans area. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Czarina Walker

Czarina got the bug for developing custom software while working at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge. After designing several custom applications there, she left and formed InfiniEDGE Software to work on an initial project for Entergy. Outside of InfiniEDGE, Czarina is on the Board of Directors of the Ascension Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Innovation Organization and is active in the Baton Rouge entrepreneurial scene. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Damon Burns

Entrepreneur Damon is the CEO of Munivestor, a web-based software that aggregates municipal bond market data. The software eliminates the manual search process by providing financial advisors with all of the information they need in one place. He was previously the VP of Morgan Keenan. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

David Smith

David is the Executive Director of the Biomedical Research Foundation’s (BRF), Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP). He plays an instrumental role in helping to grow jobs and the economy in Northwest Louisiana, where the organization is based in Shreveport, and entice entrepreneurs to move to the area. He and his team are currently working with 93 entrepreneurs. On LinkedIn.

David Crais

Although David has nearly a dozen current positions listed on his LinkedIn profile, perhaps he is most well known as being the CEO and founder of the Crais Management Group. The consulting firm is focused on a variety of businesses and industries and has most recently focused on healthcare delivery reforms. He also holds a number of board positions at companies including at the Nevada State College Entrepreneurship Program, ASSESSx Technologies Ltd. Canada, and Health4Life Health Platform. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Dr. James B. Davis

Dr. Davis is the chief technology officer of Health Engagements, LLC, a Baton Rouge based software firm that develops mobile and web-based applications to assist children with chronic diseases manage their illness.  Previously, James was the CTO of Peoplenetz, LLC in Austin where he led the development of a portfolio of business analytic applications. He is also currently an adjunct professor at LSU. On LinkedIn.

Dr. John George

With a diverse background in geology, medicine and business, Dr. George possesses a unique combination of business development, investment management and clinical management expertise. He is the current President and CEO of the Biomedical Research Foundation (BRF). The organization aims to pioneer a knowledge-based regional economy by cultivating and attracting life science enterprises and related technologies. On LinkedIn.

Dr. Lowry Curley

Dr. Curley is co-founder of AxoSim Technologies, a company dedicated to improving and speeding the development of new drugs. The startup is developing a new model for testing potential drugs that can clearly show neurological and toxicity implications far earlier than current models. He won the 2014 BioChallenge and went on to participate in multiple events during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week in 2015. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.


This year’s Silicon Bayou 100 was made possible by sponsors 365 Connect, a leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing and resident technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry, and LookFar, a software development studio. Beer from our beverage sponsor, the startup brewery Cajun Fire, will also be provided. 365 Connect Logo Lookfar Logo

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