Software Development Studio Apptitude Announces Three New Apps

Apptitude was founded in New Orleans in 2012 with a simple purpose: to make great apps and websites for great people. The software development firm provides app design, web design, and Application Programming Interface (API) design to its wide ranging clients.

The Apptitude team is dedicated to making the most beautiful, well-crafted apps and websites for customers that need them to reach new heights with their business. Most recently, they announced the completion of three apps for historic hotels. Learn more about each of them below:

Hotel Royal ApptitudeThe Royal Treatment: Hotel Royal for iOS and Android

Hotel Royal is Apptitude’s latest development. This new app is sleek, user-friendly and provides guests with a full range of in-app requests to ensure maximum comfort during their stay. From housekeeping to maintenance, guest services, and valet, a guest can request a specific service with one easy tap of a button. Running low on towels and shampoo? The hotel staff will receive a guest’s request via the app, and respond within five minutes.

Melrose Mansion ApptitudeBig on Charm: Melrose Mansion for iOS and Android

Also launching is Melrose Mansion, an app that lets you create your very own “myNOLA” to do list. Pick places to eat, drink, and enjoy local music from the list of Events and Venues. Once you’ve completed an item on your expertly curated to-do list, check it off and add another. The innovative app also lets users explore the area on their own, using the Map feature, which includes a variety of museums, historic homes, parks, music venues and more.

Hotel STE Helene ApptitudeHaute Hospitality: Hotel St. Helene for iOS and Android

The Hotel St Helene app  is engineered with convenience in mind with a comprehensive list of restaurants, bars and events, the app serves as a 24 hour, pocket concierge. Lost in the Quarter? The Return to Hotel button will detect a guest’s location and direct them back to their room. Push notifications let the guest know when certain actions have been completed, such as a reservation request being confirmed or a linen change being completed.


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