Mayoral Candidate Runs on Tech-Focused Platform

There is a new, young person running for mayor of New Orleans. 20-something candidate Ricky Twiggs, Jr. says he knows he has a real opportunity to set the bar high for all millennials who want to run for office. 

Like Jimmy Carter, I will bring something that this city has been missing in its leadership for decades: political innocence and genuineness…The future of New Orleans will be very bright with young innovative minds pushing for a better city, a better nation, and a better world.”

A recent Ricky Twiggs, Jr. campaign photo.

A recent Ricky Twiggs, Jr. campaign photo.

He is just beginning grassroots campaign for the next mayoral election in 2018, which also happens to be the tricentennial of New Orleans. Many believe the next few years will set the stage for what is to come in the city.

Twiggs considers himself a futurist, which he says means not that his goal is to predict the future, but it is to lead the way for a particular future “by presenting engaging ideas that other have not yet considered or pondered.”

“The future is always full of possibilities, not quite infinite, but vast and great in number,” says Twiggs. “The futurist wants to understand and communicate how technology, the environment, politics, and everything in between will shape the human person…The end goal for all futurists should be the same: how can we benefit our fellow humans, our earth, and our universe.”

Twiggs believes the reason he is running is because of his genetic makeup. According to Twiggs, he is related to over 60 of the most important Kings and Queens in history. His 35th great grandfather was the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. He sees problems and wants to fix them.

His vision for New Orleans is simple. The campaign wants to push heavily for tech assimilation and inclusion for the city of New Orleans. Some of his campaign ideas include citywide solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower.

Twiggs believes that the city needs to depend more heavily on the private sector. He recommends ramping up on technology, refining the service industry taxes, and building a solid education foundation.

“Tech can really lead the way, we can make New Orleans a smart city!” He says the concept can create countless jobs and spur tremendous growth across all sectors of business.

The candidate also wants to build a strong relationship with the Governor’s Office to increase tourism, find new economic investments and new sources of funding for the state’s public education system, and increase increase mental health support and awareness.

Editor’s note: This article does not reflect any endorsement on the 2018 mayoral election.