Yahoo News Docu-Series Highlights Revitalization of New Orleans

Yahoo News recently debuted a video docu-series, ‘Cities Rising: Rebuilding America,’ with anchor Katie Couric. The series takes an in-depth look at urban renewal, positive change and economic growth in some of the most important cities in the United States.

Brandan “Bmike” Odums is a street artist and social activist in New Orleans. Photo via Yahoo News.

Brandan “Bmike” Odums is a street artist and social activist in New Orleans. Photo via Yahoo News.

Out now is the second episode, filmed January 20-21 in New Orleans. Return to The Big Easy: New Orleans Grassroots Revival highlights the revitalization and development of New Orleans through art, education, community engagement, and the restaurant industry.

Couric features the following individuals:

Brandan Odums A highly sought after artist & activist in NOLA, Brandan “Bmike” Odums uses his art to tell stories and makes statements to grab the attention of the younger generation. Following the success of his Project BE in 2013, a series of graffiti murals at the Florida Avenue public housing complex in NOLA’s 9th Ward, Brandan’s solo graffiti-style exhibit StudioBE is expected to open later this month.

Dickie Brennan Owner and Managing Partner of Dickie Brennan & Company, Brennan is a trained chef and third generation New Orleans restaurateur of the renowned Brennan family. Growing up under the tutelage of esteemed Chef Paul Prudhomme, Dickie helped lead the American Regional Cuisine movement by introducing the world to Cajun and Creole cooking.

Honoré Men A program at Southern University is helping transform lives and creating a gateway to college for African-American men in NOLA. All of the program’s participants, known as “Honoré Men,” study to become teachers and must agree to serve for a minimum of two years as New Orleans teachers upon completion of their degrees.

Rashida Ferdinand In the Lower 9th Ward, there are a few convenience stores and fast food stands, but no supermarkets or grocery stores. That’s why Rashida Ferdinand founded Sankofa. Ferdinand is the founder and executive director of Sankofa CDC. A fifth generation L9 ward homeowner, Ferdinand and community stakeholders formed Sankofa, wit​h a commitment to providing resources that address social challenges related to urban revitalization, youth enrichment and education, health and wellness, and economic development.

Chef Dana of Cafe Carmo and Lance Nacio of Anna Marie Shrimp Momentum has been building for years to expand the type of seafood available to New Orleans diners. In 2015, the push shifted gears with more tastings, more awareness-building events and more chefs getting involved. Enter Slow Fish, an offshoot of Slow Food that supports local fisheries around the world as they grapple with sustainability, habitat loss and industrialization.