FailUp Feature: Startup Tips from ChapterSpot


ChapterSpot founders Joe McMenemon and Brendan Finke.

This post by Robert Bond, marketing intern at FailUp, was originally posted on their blog.

What is Chapterspot?

Platform started at Tulane by Joe McMenemon and Brendan Finke. The platform helps organizations organize payments and coordinate member records. Started by working with local small groups and now work with large non profits and organizations.

Joe’s tips for new entrepreneurs

  • Follow your passion
  • If you have ideas, write them down, don’t worry about a few missteps.
  • Consider how big the problem is that you are trying to solve. How can you address the problem in a new and repeatable way to get customers? How much does it cost to get these customers and what will their lifetime value be? Try to map out the details and viable business fundamentals as much as possible.
  • Mistakes are a big part of creating a new business, it’s impossible to avoid them.

Joe’s thoughts about entrepreneurs & entrepreneurship

  • Starting a business based off of an idea you’re passionate about is incredibly rewarding and fun.
  • One of the hardest part about entrepreneurship is taking the first step.
  • Successful entrepreneurs often have similar traits: creativity, curiosity, openness, persistence, confidence
  • There is a lot of work that is required so don’t underestimate what you need to put in.
  • Being an entrepreneur is a hands-on learning experience, a process where you get to grow at each level of the business.
  • Mistakes are a big part of creating a new business, it’s impossible to avoid them.

Take Advantage of Tulane

Joe encourages student entrepreneurs to reach out to Tulane because of the many resources that it has and its willingness to help out student entrepreneurs. It never hurts to ask!

Join FailUp to Connect with ChapterSpot

ChapterSpot is looking to hire and would love to talk to interested students! If interested, please register at and then email with the subject line “Request to Collaborate w/ ChapterSpot” and we will make an intro!