Envoc Reveals Latest Clients Using Spotter App

Envoc is a Louisiana­-based digital agency offering services ranging from custom software and mobile app development to web design and branding. In July, the company released its latest product, a customizable mobile tablet inspection app called Spotter.

Envoc SpotterSpotter is designed to streamline a business’s inspection processes providing significant improvements in preventative maintenance and process controls.

Many companies hire inspectors that spend five to eight hours on each inspection. Spotter cuts these inspections down to under an hour, saving time and money.

Features of the app include signature capturing, access to previous inspection answers for reference, GPS location capturing and tracking, routing of inspections between users, text and email alerts on flagged questions, follow-up editing for clean reporting, and follow-up attachments for work orders, repairs, and more.

Current clients include CTS, Quanex, and, most recently, Calumet Refining, a leading independent producer of high-quality specialty hydrocarbon products, GBRIA, The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance, and the State of Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Spotter is compatible with both iPad and Android tablets. Calumet is even taking advantage of the intrinsically-safe Class 1 Div 2 Android tablets that Envoc also provides for high-risk worksites.