Digital Product Studio Revelry is Giving Away Their Company

On March 10, New Orleans-based digital product studio Revelry will stop what they are doing and completely give away their company. Revelry will be choosing five to 10 companies with specific problems they can effectively attack in one day and work exclusively on their projects for the Day of Revelry.

Day of RevelryThey have 26 designers, developers, business analysts, product people, sales and growth experts, and executive coaches who will all be involved in the Day of Revelry.

After a full day of hacking the selected projects, the team, companies and guests will reconvene at the Mid-City Yacht Club to pitch their projects.

Revelry is looking for companies of any size, from founders with an idea to small businesses to large enterprises. All the company asks is that applicants want an innovative approach to a specific problem.

We think all kinds of businesses can benefit from our agile process that’s focused on building things quickly for real results,” reveals the Revelry website.

The company is offering a range of services, including doing quick user research, designing a growth campaign, financial model review, system architecture, logo design, content strategy and much more.

The application deadline is March 3. For more information about the Day of Revelry or to apply, visit