New Orleans Startup Unveils Virtual Reality Tourism

R&D Design, a full service marketing agency, has recently partnered with Joieful to provide 360 virtual reality video content for the public in a new project named NOLA VR.

R&D DesignJoieful is a comprehensive experiences platform and ancillary services provider that wants to redefine how customers consume and share experiences, and VR is paving the way for them to do so.

David Holtman, co-founder and managing director of R&D Design, said they originally got into VR because they saw the industry as new and somewhat immature, providing them with excess creative freedom to shape the industry. “Second, and more importantly,” shared Holtman, “VR provides a great opportunity to reach people.”

The partners are hoping this will be the largest virtual reality library in the country. “These interactive videos will utilize VR technology to give a piece of what it’s like to be in New Orleans for the world at large.”

Moving forward, the NOLA VR team is aiming to cover every major festival and venue in New Orleans in a way never captured before, from some of the best vantage points.

Holtman prepared and shot 10 days worth of footage during Mardi Gras. When they uploaded video footage of the Krewe of Endymion parade onto their Facebook page, the view count quickly rose to over 11,000 in under 24 hours, and was shared almost 300 times.

“With such influx of interest and entertainment from the public, it wouldn’t be surprising if 360 virtual reality video content is the next big thing in branded content provision,” said Holtman.