Cajun Code Fest 4.0 Focuses on Diabetes Healthcare

Hosted by the Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Cajun Code Fest is seeking innovative students, programmers, software developers, designers, healthcare professionals, marketing and business strategists, and entrepreneurs for the fourth annual event.

Cajun Code FestWhat originally began in 2012 as a hackathon has since grown into a longer competition, including three phases, which give participants more time in development and to create a product.

“During Phase I, November through February, teams will form and discuss ideas,” organizers share. “In Phase II, February through April, teams will develop their ideas. Phase III is in April. Teams will present their ideas to judges; finalists will make presentations April 22.”

This year’s competition, Cajun Code Fest 4.0, with focus on developing healthcare technology to benefit people with diabetes. The person or team who develops the best software tool or application related to diabetes health care will win the competition.

“With nearly 30 million children and adult diabetics in the United States and 1.7 million Americans diagnosed every year, the winning team has the potential to make a major impact in the area of diabetes care,” said Andrea Aloisio, external affairs manager for the Informatics Research Institute.

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