Announcing the Day of Revelry Participants

Today, New Orleans-based digital product studio Revelry has stopped what they are doing and are completely giving away their company. They choose 10 companies with specific problems they can effectively attack in one day and work exclusively on their projects today, the Day of Revelry.

Revelry“We think all kinds of businesses can benefit from our agile process that’s focused on building things quickly for real results,” reveals the Revelry website.

Revelry updated their blog about the selected companies and a bit about the process.

“We had an amazing response, with more than 50 local (and some not so local) companies applying to partner & work with us on improving their digital products. It was tough to narrow down.”

They evaluated each application and made their list with the following criteria:

  • which projects could we make the most impact on in one day?
  • which seem best suited to the team we can build for them?
  • what’s fun/adventurous/different?

After making our list, they made sure it reflected support for a range of organizations: people with an idea, non-profits, startups with a little wind in their sails, big companies that wanted an agile boost.

The 2016 Day of Revelry participants are:

“Each team will demo progress at the end of the day,” explains Revelry. “Then we’ll have an afterparty at Mid-City Yacht club, including an open mic for demos & new company pitches.  And while we couldn’t invite everyone, all applicants get a free mentoring session with one of our practice leaders.”

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