Louisiana Startup Prize Kicks Off Third Year

Registration is now open for the Louisiana Startup Prize, a unique competition incentivizes local, regional and national entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Organizers call it “The Most Amazing Entrepreneurial Competition on the Planet,” and kicked off its third annual year with an evening event last week.

Louisiana Startup PrizeThe Startup Prize’s goal is to evolve businesses through a series of educational events, what they call Qualifying Events, and then connect them with potential investors.

“We were incredibly proud of the diversity and the level of our entrepreneurs and startups,” said Gregory Kallenberg, Founder and Executive Director of Louisiana Startup Prize. “This year, we hope to attract even more startups and help them evolve and grow and, eventually, connect them with investor dollars.”

The Louisiana Startup Prize is open to all entrepreneurs from all over the country who will be narrowed down through two qualifying events, one from April 29 to May 1, and another from June 10-12 in Shreveport. Since startups could be near or far, they are required to attend at least one weekend-long qualifying event to be eligible for the grand prize.

At the launch event, Kallenberg announced that they are adding more national investors to the Investor Judge group and will be bringing in some special keynotes to speak at the Startup Prize 2016 Qualifying Events. “Louisiana Startup Prize 2015 shattered records within the 82 startups participating in the competition,” they revealed. “Out of those 82 startups, 38% were female representatives and 31% were minority business owners.”

The grand prize winner will take home $25,000 cash and more than $45,000 of donated services.

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