Announcing the 2016 Silicon Bayou Startup Showcase Companies

The third annual Silicon Bayou Startup Showcase is slated for this Thursday, March 17 during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), which has been dubbed the “Mardi Gras of entrepreneurship.”

The Big Easy is home to a growing entrepreneurial community, as shown at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2015.

The Big Easy is home to a growing entrepreneurial community, as shown at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2015.

We will close out NOEW Interactive 2016 with cold drinks, fun bites, and 10 tech startups showing off their latest products and projects. The startups will show off products or other projects in a casual exhibit and networking setting designed to highlight the local creative startup and entrepreneurial community.

Here’s a sneak peek at the startups participating in the Showcase (in alphabetical order):

Artists & Causes

Artists & Causes is a web-based, membership-based service directory that brings together creatives and non-profits, providing the many elements needed for successful fundraising efforts with financial structures that mutually benefit both the creatives and the cause. Through Artists & Causes, nonprofits are provided access to a network of visual artists, musicians, entertainers, graphic designers, photographers, writers, venues, broadcast and print media, and the support services utilized in fundraisers, all provided at special nonprofit rates.


Developed for on and offshore oil and gas service companies as well as tug, tow and barge companies that are hampered by inefficient, manual, and often paper-based activity recording, Cleargistix is a digital, configurable platform that provides process control to the central office, allows for the efficient capture of field and vessel activities, and provides real-time revenue, personnel, and other information. Cleargistix increases return on investment and asset productivity by reducing revenue leakage, shortening the activity-to-cash cycle, and decreasing or eliminating the many costs associated with paper, spreadsheets, and other outdated processes.


FailUp is an online team building platform that brings entrepreneurial stakeholders together to create a vibrant and well-connected ecosystem to support the next generation of job creators. FailUp aims to become the one-stop-shop to meet the needs of entrepreneurs regardless of location, income, or background. Their mission is to reduce the likelihood of failure for budding entrepreneurs.


FuhWe is a travel app and website connecting explorers with locals with similar interests for a personalized local experience. The startup is headquartered at Launch Pad and will be launching in New Orleans April 2016. They have been selected to be an ALPHA participant at Collision Conference April 26-28.

Girl’s Guide

Girl’s Guide is the premier resource for women on the go in major cities.  Headquartered in New Orleans, they provide a web and mobile interface that gives a GG member full access to a curated and accurate list of everything a city can offer, including shopping, dining, bars, salons, and so much more. In addition to creating a simple and effective system for women, they also will work to create an economic impact for small businesses to get much needed exposure to a wider audience.


Mainspree is a smartphone application makes Instagram feeds “shopable” for businesses thus turning posts into purchases. They will be unveiling a new feature set that takes posts posted on Instagram by businesses and automatically turn them into a “hands-free” online store.


MeetingPulse is a real-time audience engagement platform that gives insights into meetings, events, and broadcasting. They are in the process of moving our company from Silicon Valley to New Orleans. MeetingPulse is an engaging platform that clients are using to gain insights into the employee engagement, HR, and culture.

Seafood Locator

Seafood Locator is a brand new platform that connects businesses in the seafood industry to its potential clientele. With the app, they highlight prices for boiled seafood and soon fresh fish throughout the Gulf South, and are hoping to expand to Mississippi, Houston, Vegas, Los Angeles and New York within the year highlighting Louisiana Seafood and providing drop shipping resource to other states.

Smart Coos

Smart Coos is where parents can get live language sessions for their littlest learner. Smart Coos web-based platform provides young children, newborns to age 16, the opportunity to learn a second language with a combination of live-language sessions and automated text nudges based on a  language curriculum.


Solace designs, curates, and produces bold and exciting home decor products so you can truly make your space your own. They are a mass customization company for home and office decor, starting with pillows. The site will evolve into a site that learns about each customer and curates color and product schemes for their needs.

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