GNO, Inc. Annual Meeting Focuses on Future of New Orleans Region

Greater New Orleans (GNO), Inc. held its Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 10 to address this year’s theme: Leading to the Future. Organizers not only explored the importance of leadership, but also the revitalization of the region as it moves into the next phase.

GNO IncThe GNO, Inc. mission is to serve as the catalyst for wealth creation in the Greater New Orleans region. The organization acts as the economic development organization for the 10-parish region,

Over 1,000 members of the Louisiana community were in attendance, including regional business leaders, civic leaders, elected officials, and citizens.

As always, Michael Hecht, President and CEO of GNO, Inc. welcomed the outgoing Chairman of the Board, which in 2015 was Bill Hoffman, and the incoming Chairman of the Board, now Maura Donahue. Donahue is also President of DonahueFavret Contractors, a general contractor for the New Orleans area.

The meeting featured 2015 business development highlights, including a number of technology companies opening offices in the area such as inXile Entertainment, Smashing Boxes, and Cajo Technologies. Additionally, Hecht mentioned Collision, the fastest growing technology conference in America, is coming to New Orleans in April, which is a huge win for the city.

“Transformation takes time,” said Hecht. He stated six success factors for the region, including: livability, skilled workforce, an attractive cost structure, connective infrastructure, organizational and personal connections, and luck and serendipity.

The New Orleans region has always had a strong vision for the future, and has worked to add to the vision, and continuously improve and persist.

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