Nigerian Startup ObtainAid Plans Move to Louisiana

ObtainAid is in the process of creating the first personal-need focused crowdfunding platform in Africa, connecting people in need to those with a passion to help. The company is launching with one goal in mind: to make better the lives of Africans thus building a better future for Africa and the world at large.

ObtainAidSo what does this have to do with Louisiana? The Nigeria-based ObtainAid team has been hard at work to finish the process of relocating their main operations to Louisiana, a process that is nearly complete.

The startup is currently seeking funds through Indiegogo to finish up the development of its platform, cover marketing expenses, purchase servers, computer, and software and design tools, and pay for running costs for the first few months.

A problem within Africa is the non-existence of major established crowd funded charities compared to their industrialized counterparts,” explains the campaign.

“When the masses give to charities such as UNICEF, they don’t have the power to directly pick what relief they would like to partake or how much of their money they would allocate to that particular relief effort. By setting up a crowdfunding site that will cater for personal needs, benefactors can ascertain that their funds are utilized for the intended purpose when given directly to the needy.”

The Indiegogo campaign is set out to raise $87,860 within the next month.

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