RevBroker Launches Digital Platform for Independent Brokers and Real Estate Teams

New Orleans-based digital product studio Revelry has revealed the latest company to come out of their startup studio, RevBroker.

RevBroker RevelryRevBroker is a platform for independent brokers and real estate teams that provides a fully integrated business workflow platform for the real estate industry.

As of last week, RevBroker is available for a low implementation cost and a monthly license fee to users. The launch will be limited to the issuance of four licenses per market.

Real Estate technology is nothing new, but a gap in the market that is underserved are the independent brokers, the rebels who chose to go against the grain and build their real estate business free of corporate brand standards and rigid processes,” writes Jason Nicosia, VP of corporate development at Revelry.

Revelry works directly with founders to build companies from scratch, although they will work with entrepreneurs at any stage of development. They have already done a few implementations of the platform, and will continue to grow RevBroker as a stand-alone company in the Revelry portfolio.

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