Big Fish Presentations Merges with Hatchit to Launch ThreeSixtyEight

Baton Rouge-based web-agency Hatchit and Big Fish Presentations, a company known for creating effective presentations, have teamed up to launch ThreeSixtyEight.

ThreeSixtyEightThe ThreeSixtyEight name comes from the number of feet in between both companies. Put simply, the new company helps clients create experiences worth sharing.

Big Fish Presentations founder Kenny Nguyen and now ThreeSixtyEight CEO says the new focus will be on digital brand strategy and video production. They also plan to build their own conferences down the line, and hope to reinvigorate the creative community in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

“There’s a lot of creativity in the South, but it typically lags in technology” said Jeremy Beyt, Chief Strategy Officer at ThreeSixty Eight. “We want to combine the two by creating cool digital experiences for smartphone and web.”

The ThreeSixtyEight team, currently made up of 19 people, will work on attracting people to the state and changing the perspective about technology in the region. They want their work to have a big impact, and since they already have a national reach, they believe it will happen.

Past joint clients of both Hatchit and Big Fish Presentations include GE, TED, Verizon and local clients such as Raising Canes, Manda Fine Meats, and Century Link.

“Through constant collaboration with Big Fish and Hatchit, we finally have decided to take on a bolder mission together: to challenge clients to embrace their creative confidence and to help establish Louisiana as a more creative state by establishing programs and events that can help retain and recruit talent,” explains Nguyen.

ThreeSixtyEight also plans to focus on other technologies and are even developing prototypes out of the office. The team is working with virtual reality software, among others.

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