Entrepreneur Mortgage Finance Launches to Help Self-Employed Get Loans

Entrepreneur Mortgage Finance is a new company headquartered in New Orleans that works exclusively with mortgage-seekers who don’t fit the traditional lending mold. The venture, run by Chris Reade of the software development studio LookFar, was launched publicly earlier this week.

“We take a balanced approach to financial review when making lending decisions,” explains Reade.

There are more entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and commission-based professionals than ever before and the banking industry has struggled to adjust to this growing population.

The EMF team is licensed in Florida and Louisiana and soon to be in New Jersey and Illinois as well.

Reade shared the company’s mission in a recent post on LinkedIn:

Our mission is to help the self-employed, the business owner, the 1099-consultant, plumbers, graphic designers, etc. to access the mortgage market with the same level of service, respect and consideration that “regular people” get at rates that are comparable to what W-2 holders who don’t own the companies they work for have access to.