New Orleans-Based VL Group Launches Music API During Collision Conference

Today, the New Orleans-based VL Group has launched a patented music API and announced a partnership with a global music company. The music technology solutions company delivers unique music experiences with expertise, transparency and passion. Their team is behind the music stage at Collision Conference, happening now through Thursday, April 28 at the convention center in New Orleans.

The Rhymba™ API gives startups access to music technology and music catalogs that is typically unaffordable for early-stage companies. Developers and creators who sign up for the API will get access to the end-to-end music distribution resource DashGo that has a catalog of over 155,000 tracks.

VL Group currently has a library of over 17 million pre-cleared songs and the number is continually growing. The company released a New Orleans inspired playlist for Collision called “Rhythms of New Orleans,” which is currently available for streaming.

“Utilizing music has always been an uphill struggle for creators and developers due to complex licensing and reporting processes,” said Neiman Wong, VL Group’s director of developer engagement. “With VL Group’s Rhymba™ API solution, creators have access to a powerful music streaming API that rapidly solves licensing and reporting hurdles while fueling the next generation of music tech innovation.”

Through a new partnership with a major record company, who chose not to be mentioned, musicians can make sure their music is protected through VL Group’s SmartStream™ streaming technology.

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