Collision, America’s Fastest Growing Tech Conference, By the Numbers

Collision is America’s fastest growing tech conference created by the team behind Web Summit. This week, from April 26-28, the conference was in New Orleans for the first time ever following a move from Las Vegas.

Last year Collision grew to over 7,500 attendees from more than 50 countries. Attendees include CEOs of both the world’s fastest growing startups and the world’s largest companies, alongside leading investors and media.

Registered attendees for Collision 2016 totaled 11,382 people from 106 countries, a significant increase in numbers from last year.

Check out more of Collision by the numbers:

  • Tweets from @CollisionHQ have already earned more than half a million impressions.
  • Attendees followed some of the 100 signs to see 332 speakers and moderators on one of the 14 different tracks. There were 86 screens placed around the venue.
  • You were fuelled by 52,000 cups of coffee and 76,500 cups of water, you thirsty bunch.
  • 332 speakers and moderators took to the stages and led roundtables.
  • 630 startups exhibited in total: that’s 540 ALPHA, 40 BETA and 50 START.
  • Trello, TenantCloud, and were the startups that investors most wanted to see.
  • 407 investors from the world’s leading funds came to scope out the startup talent.
  • 60 leading funds took part in Office Hours, where investors met with promising startups. Altogether, there were 700investor/startup meetings during Collision.
  • 400 mentor hour sessions happened where experienced entrepreneurs and investors offered candid advice to startups, that’s around 133 meetings per day. Mentors included Jeff Glueck of Foursquare and Katy Dormer of
  • On our CollisionConf app the most favourited startup was Trello. Not surprisingly, Chris Sacca was the most favourited attendee.
  • The average length an attendee spends in one session was 8 minutes and 43 seconds.