First Louisiana Virtual Open House Scheduled This Week in New Orleans

R&D Design, a full service marketing agency with a focus on virtual reality content, has partnered with Villere Realty to host the first virtual reality (VR) open house in the history of Louisiana.

Open to the public, the event will take place this Wednesday, May 11 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at the Villere Realty office. R&D Design will be providing demonstrations for attendees throughout the event.

The companies hope to introduce the VR technology to the New Orleans real estate market.  “It is an amazing tool that will change how the real estate industry operates in the years to come,” said agent Kirk Williamson.

David Holtman, co-founder and managing director of R&D Design, said they originally got into VR because they saw the industry as new and somewhat immature, providing them with excess creative freedom to shape the industry.

“VR will have a profound effect on many local industries,” Holtman shared. “R&D Design provides the VR recordings so that agents can send the recording to their clients to save them time and money from driving around town all day long showing properties.”

Williamson and other local agents can now send out of town buyers a file to be viewed through a headset. Clients will be able to view the property as if they were actually in the home no matter how far away they are currently located. “The way viewing 2-D pictures of a house online changed how customers shopped for houses, this too will dramatically affect the homebuyer of the future.”