inFRONT Adds Accountability Technology to AllClear Platform

New Orleans-based inFRONT is a technology company dedicated to improving business processes in the petrochemical industry.

Earlier this year, inFRONT announced a partnership with two companies, a leading multinational oil and gas company and one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas companies. Those two companies have implemented inFRONT’s AllClear Emergency Assembly Solution, the first-ever emergency response application for the industry.

The updated platform now streamlines the personnel logging process in high hazard areass, which was a request of many clients. The added tracking feature shares information with the unit’s control room, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and authorized emergency responders.

“After inspecting scores of facilities and sifting through all the sign-in sheets, we found many inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the sign in/sign out process,” said Chris Laibe founder and president of inFRONT. “These inefficiencies can not only cost thousands of dollars per day in wasted time but in the worst case scenario can provide inaccurate data to responders in emergencies. The information in the sign in sheets is critical to knowing who is present in the production unit. With the paper and pen logging process, if the unit is compromised or inaccessible, responders must fly blind. We listened to countless stories about these industry challenges, and created a solution to solve the problem.”

AllClear was designed to find petrochemical employees and get them to safe zones significantly faster than the common method. By June 2015, the platform was already proven to refine the pace and accuracy of emergency mustering exercises by 90% in downstream facilities, and return 1,850 people to work 30 minutes faster than normal, an estimated productivity savings of $79,000.