Portable Charging Startup MobileQubes Announces Partnership with Amtrak

MobileQubes offers the first fully automated, self-service, mobile phone charging network. The New Orleans-based startup has already placed many of its charging stations in airports, convention centers, college campuses, and other high traffic locations.

Most recently, MobileQubes has announced a partnership with Amtrak to launch its Northeast Corridor network of mobile charging stations from Boston to Philadelphia.

“Amtrak is constantly looking for ways to provide new and innovative amenities for our customers,” said Mike DeCataldo, Amtrak Senior Vice President and General Manager of Northeast Corridor Operations. “Our commitment to expand and enhance the customer experience through the MobileQubes partnership is another reason why Amtrak is the smarter way to travel.”

MobileQubes founder Sean Carrigan knows that customers want a fast, simple and affordable way to charge mobile devices on the go. The company offers an option to rent a portable charger and to purchase as well.