New Orleans Locals and Visitors Converge with New Online Marketplace

That Sounds Cool is a New Orleans tourism hub providing off-the-beaten path tours, classes, and experiences in and around the area. Hosts can curate unique experiences throughout the city ranging from crawfish boils to boat tours.

Their platform aims to help small businesses and independent contractors get a bigger piece of the tourism pie in New Orleans.

“That Sounds Cool hopes to provide a marketplace for artists, tour guides, craftspeople, and teachers who may not have the strongest internet presence or any other way to market themselves, their skills, and their talents to visitors,” said Ben Harwood, founder of That Sounds Cool.

Harwood started the company as a way to share deeper, more meaningful experiences in his home city of New Orleans for both locals and visitors alike.

Beyond tastings, painting workshops, nature walks, and other experiences, That Sounds Cools also has an altruistic element. The company donates toiletry kits to homeless shelters in New Orleans, which will also be given to Airbnb hosts throughout the city.

“When we started looking into getting this program off the ground, we learned that toiletry items are one of the most in-demand items needed by the shelters in our city,” explains CEO Zach Cheney. “We knew we could do better than merely passing the toiletry kits out as a promotional item, and that’s where the idea originated to give as many kits to those in need as we do to those who host our visitors.”