The Post-Title-3 List of Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

The Title 3 JOBS Act went live this week, and investors no longer have to be accredited to make equity investments. Now, the multitudes ordinary “retail investors” can contribute capital to your business.

To many, Title 3 may seem like a win-win evolution of democratized fundraising. But some equity crowdfunding platforms are either playing it cautious or staying away.

Understanding each platform’s position on Title 3 will help you know where to go when you’re developing a fundraising strategy. Below is a list of equity platforms and the current stance on Title 3, divided into 3 categories:

  • Hot. The platform already supports Title 3, non-accredited investors.
  • Lukewarm. The platform does not yet support Title 3 but there’s reason to believe it may in the future.
  • Cold. The platform or its leaders has openly come out against Title 3 fundraising.

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