Net2NO Plans 8th Annual Mini BarCamp Meetup

BarCampNola is an annual “unconference” that brings passionate people together to share what they love with the community through presentations and events.

Local meetup NetSquared New Orleans (Net2NO) is hosting their eighth annual Mini Barcamp Meetup during the ninth BarCampNola. Mini-Bar will take place on June 14, 2016 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

At Mini-Bar, the official BarCampNola theme will be revealed. We attempt to squeeze the excitement, education and entertainment of BarCampNola into one action packed hour with three mini presentations,” explains Net2NO.

Organizers say the lineup, which usually focuses around tech, social, and creative, is coming soon. “Three presenters will provide a glimpse of the variety and types of talks that are offered during the unconference.”

With over 1,200 members, Net2NO is the fourth largest Net2Local meetup group in the world out of a total of 75 groups. Their members have started a variety of spinoff groups, events and companies including GNOCODE,, Teen Tech Day and TribeCon.