The Best Free Louisiana Entrepreneur’s Resources

For Louisiana entrepreneurs, there is an assortment of resources that you can use to grow your businesses. But you have to know where to look.

Most of the available resources are free and easily accessible on the Web. If you are in the Pelican state, check out some of these Louisiana entrepreneurship resources:

Resource #1: The Louisiana Entrepreneur’s Twitter List

Twitter “lists” are compilations of Twitter accounts in one convenient place.  Our Twitter list,called LA Entrepreneur Resources, is a hand-picked collection of Louisiana-focused, business-related Twitter handles.

To use the list, simply click “Subscribe” and let Twitter do the rest. Each update and tweet from these accounts will be consolidated to one page, so you will never miss another important blog post or business tip again.

Click here to see the list!

LAGNIAPPE: In addition to our statewide list, you should follow the organizations that apply specifically to you. Here is our list of more narrowly focused resources. To use, simply review the list and follow the accounts that apply to you.

Resource #2: The Portal is one of the newest and most comprehensive resources available to Louisiana entrepreneurs. (Full disclosure: NexusLA is our parent company).

On the NexusLA portal, some resources you will find include handy databases of funding sources, entrepreneurial support organizations, professional service firms, and more. There’s also a calendar of events, a blog roll of news, and a news feed of entpreneurship success stories, in case you need a burst of positive energy. is constantly expanding its available resources, so entrepreneurs should make a point to check back regularly.

Click here to visit!

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