Concierge Solutions Launches Platform for New Orleans Hospitality and Service Industry

OffShift is a brand new communication and collaboration platform designed to exclusively connect and deliver content to individuals who work in the service and hospitality industry. The platform is launching only in the New Orleans region for now.

Concierge Solutions, the software development firm behind OffShift, is a startup focused primarily on the service and hospitality industry. Founded in 2015, their mission is to advocate for and provide digital solutions to the service and hospitality industry while increasing camaraderie in the industry.

Everyone is invited to attend the OffShift launch party on July 11 at Fulton Alley. Tickets and additional information can be found here.

Concierge Solutions is offering attendees free bowling games, drink specials and heavy appetizers. New users will have the opportunity to watch live demonstrations, receive one-on-one on-site support and have exclusive access to an off-site after party that will only be shared to the launch party attendees.