Learn Data Modeling for API and Database Design at Upcoming Workshop

New Orleans Women in Technology (WIT) is a professional organization focused on improving the Industry landscape for women in IT. Over the last three years, they have added a board of directors, increased programming, and hosted numerous events for the local technology community.

On June 25, New Orleans WIT is hosting a workshop focused on The Basics of Data Modeling for API and Database Design.

The workshop will be led by instructor Sean Moore, a systems architect at the software development firm Lookfar. He will teach 30-45 minute lectures, with participatory examples, and group exercises.

“Data Modelling is the concept of taking real world objects and representing them in a way that computers can understand, and we can program applications against that,” explains Moore.

Organizers said that attendees will seek to break down the process of creating models of real-world systems that can be used to create database models, object-oriented classes, and/or APIs.

“A lot of people already use tools for doing this in their day to day work. Excel is the most popular example, where they may create something like a budget or an accounting sheet or even a project breakdown for instance, and they’re already taking those concepts of data modeling and using it in a sort of a one dimensional factor for Excel. We’re going to expand on that, and help them to convert their Excel knowledge or that style of knowledge into a full database or an API site.”

To learn more or to register for the workshop, visit http://www.neworleanswit.org/events/.