Best Buy’s Geek Squad Partners with New Orleans School

A decade ago, consumer electronic company Best Buy created its Geek Squad Academy (GSA), a program designed to help underserved youth gain access to technology skills.

“Despite all the incredible advances in technology, youth from underserved communities and lower-income families often lack access to technology tools and training,” explains GSA.

GSA recently partnered with Alice Harte Charter School to host a free summer session for around 150 students in the New Orleans area. The tech camp featured interactive classes in digital music, 3D design, HTML coding, circuitry, film and script, and more.

Alice Harte Charter School, along with other schools and non-profits submitted an application for GSA to come to them. They had to demonstrate that they align with the mission of Geek Squad Academy, which is to bring technology education to underserved kids ages 10-18.  

GSA hosted the daylong camp on June 22 and 23, 2016.

Best Buy is committed to helping underserved youth become the future teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs and dreamers. More information about the program is available here.