Virtual Reality Company R&D Design Partners with Running of the Bulls

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, also known as Running of the Bulls New Orleans, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a modern twist. The festival has partnered with New Orleans-based virtual reality company R&D Design to provide 360 degree video footage.

The festival pays homage to the world famous Encierro–bull run– in Pamplona, Spain, which takes place every year. The New Orleans celebration will be held next weekend, from July 8-10, 2016

“Covering unique and increasingly popular events like Running of the Bulls in Virtual Reality highlights the attractive culture of New Orleans and illustrates what makes this place so special” said David Holtman, Managing Director at R&D Design.

Holtman said they are looking forward to continuing to identify and use the most innovative ways to capture the festival in coming years.

This step for the festival follows a national trend of utilizing this technology to reach a wider audience. The virtual reality experience will be available through Youtube and Facebook VR players (links will be available on R&D’s Facebook and Youtube pages a few days after the event).

Mickey Hanning, founder or Nola Bulls, LLC, producers of the festival, said he and partners are always working so hard during the event that they typically miss what’s happening out there. “We’re really excited about R&D Design’s ability to document the run with this amazing technology so that we can see the madness that it’s become.”