On-Demand Platform for Extra Work Shifts Expands to New Orleans

Shiftgig is a platform that makes it easy to pick up gigs by connecting hourly-based talent with job openings in the foodservice, hospitality, retail, warehouse and experiential marketing industries.

The company recently raised $22 million to expand their platform in new markets. New Orleans is now one of only 10 markets that Shiftgig is operating in. They currently has over 1,000 clients across the country and will continue to expand their platform over time.

Kim Smith will lead the New Orleans office as Shiftgig City Manager. “New Orleans is home to thousands of people who would like to supplement their income with additional shifts,” said Smith. “Shiftgig offers them the flexibility to make it easy to work when they want to work and where they want to work with a few taps on a mobile phone.”

Shiftgig plans to hire as many as one thousand employees within the first six months of operating in the New Orleans area.

Here’s how the platform works, as described by the company:

Businesses place orders for on-­demand labor on the Shiftgig platform. Vetted Shiftgig Specialists interested in picking up an extra shift scroll through available options on the Shiftgig app and select whichever shifts they would like to work. Once a roster is filled, Shiftgig provides the business with the list of Specialists who have claimed the shift, including their photos, ratings and experience. Through the app, Specialists are provided with directions, dress requirements as well as any additional instructions needed to fulfill their assignments.