French Company Partners with New Orleans Surgeon on Game-Changing Technology

New Orleans Children’s Hospital orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew King and French medical device company Medicrea released a new video in honor of Scoliosis Awareness Month that takes place each June.

Dr. King now utilizes Medicrea’s patient-specific technology– customized spinal osteosynthesis rods called UNiD™ rod– to provide children and teenagers suffering from scoliosis with a second chance at a normal life. He discusses the technology, which allows surgeons to better understand patients before the surgery with a software analysis of their spine, in the video.

“The patient-specific scan is very much ahead of its time,” explains Dr. King. “When we finish the operation, we’ve left them with the best possible appearance for the rest of their lives. The curve is not going to worsen and there is less likelihood of them having pain.”

Based in Lyon, France, the Medicrea Group specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative proprietary technologies devoted exclusively to spinal surgery.

Now, time in the operating room is reduced by around 15 minutes, allowing patients to recover faster. The video featuring Dr. King also shares the stories of three teenagers who have recovered from their fight with scoliosis with help from Medicrea.

Hear more from Dr. King in the following video: