New Platform ReDrive Makes Car Buying and Selling Easy

There is a new platform based in New Orleans called ReDrive that makes the process of buying and selling a car reliable, easy, and less expensive than heading to a dealership.

ReDrive allows the seller to schedule an inspection, evaluation and photo-shoot for a vehicle prior to having it listed on the site. Once a seller finds a buyer,ReDrive automates the transfer and delivery process for the sale.

Max Burwick, co-founder ofReDrive, says the long term goal is to change the way people purchase cars. “In the auto industry, dealerships manipulate prices in order to sustain their large infrastructure and people feel like they are getting ripped off,” explains Burwick. “By choosing to do it theReDrive way, it’s saying to an establishment that we will not be taken advantage of anymore.”

Cars bought and sold through theReDrive platform have to be less than six years old, under 80,000 miles, and never have been in an accident. After that point with older or more damaged vehicles, changes in valuation would change long term financing structure and not be as valuable to buyers and sellers.

Based on the sharing economy model, theReDrive team will use their connections to independent contractors, such as mechanics, to make sure the process of selling the cars on the platform goes smoothly.

Competitors in the market include Shift and Vroom, both digital car buying and selling platforms, that promise to save up to 8% compared to traditional brick and mortar methods. However, both of those platforms still reply on the infrastructure in place of holding cars and the logistics of shipping. ReDrive eliminates the hassle by having no infrastructure, just salespeople.

ReDrive is currently building their sales team by recruiting in Florida, where Burwick has several personal and professional connections. The startup already has a few automotive enthusiasts on board that will serve as brand ambassadors, building awareness and closing sales down the line. Burwick and his co-founder Jared Stiger are still looking for UI/UX designers as the company grows.