Damesly, Now in Beta, Connects Women Through Travel

New Orleans-based entrepreneur Alyson Kilday is known for Hop & Jaunt, a creative agency she co-founded years ago. Now Kilday is involved in a new startup called Damesly, that operates tours for women.

The company launched its beta at the beginning of August to connect creative and professional women through travel.

Kilday teamed up with Kelly Lewis, the woman behind Go! Girl Guides and the annual Women’s Travel Fest for Damesly.

“We know from the Women’s Travel Fest that there is a huge community of women who are looking for ways to connect with each other through travel,” said Lewis. “These women are creative, they’re driven, they’re professional. I’m beyond excited to be filling a niche that hasn’t really existed for women before. It’s about bringing together women who support and encourage each other professionally, while traveling together.”

The Damesly platform is designed to combine travel experiences with learning something new through hands-on workshops.

Upcoming tours include:

  • Cameras + Canyons” – a photo tour through Grand Canyon + Antelope Canyon, September 23-26
  • Wine + Design” – an immersive week of learning Photoshop, Indesign, storytelling and publishing in Buenos Aires, November 5-11
  • Islands + Identity” – a life coaching seminar with snorkeling and surfing in Oahu, Hawaii, February 11-17, 2017
  • Riding + Writing” – a creative writing workshop and horseback riding retreat in Denver, May 19-22, 2017