Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) Unveils Wall of Achievement

You may have read about New Orleans startups and tech companies in publications such as TechCrunch and Forbes, but what about the startup communities throughout the rest of the state?

In northern Louisiana, the city of Shreveport has a thriving entrepreneurial community of its own.

Located at Biomedical Research Foundation’s (BRF) InterTech 1 facility, the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) prepares companies to present to members of investor funds. The program has worked with 135 companies to date and screened hundreds more.

EAP celebrated its second year of operation by unveiling a Wall of Entrepreneurial Achievement, highlighting 13 of their portfolio companies from the region. Each of the startups has completed a capital raise and/or received capital investment from local accredited investors.

“The companies we’re recognizing as we celebrate two years of helping entrepreneurs are those that have received EAP services, we’ve worked closely with to create good, high-paying jobs, that have solid business plans, good mentors and that are working to advance key milestones to continue growth and add to the local tax base and diversify Northwest Louisiana’s economy,” said Dave Smith, EAP Executive Director.

The startups on the EAP wall include CyberReef Solutions, Embera NeuroTherapeutics, EndoPRO Solutions, Highly Favored Creations, Innolyzer, Lagniappe Labs, Mainspree, Perceptive Intelligence/L.E.N.S.S., Red River Brewing, RNvention, Segue Therapeutics, SkyCoach, and Swaybox.

“In two years, EAP has gone above and beyond its original goals for the program and experienced great success in building Northwest Louisiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said John F. George, M.D., President and CEO of BRF. “We anticipate adding many more companies to the EAP wall in the coming years. Congratulations to these companies that have made the leap into entrepreneurship. We will continue to support them as they prosper here.”