This Digital Program Is Helping Students Impacted by Louisiana Floods

Following the recent flooding in Louisiana, there has been an outpouring of donations and support for those impacted.

One small social enterprise, Ripple Effects, is contributing in the best way they know how. The company creates software that treats trauma and promotes resiliency in the face of adversity, software that could have long-term advantages for Louisiana youth and students.

While the company is based in California, they jumped at the chance to help Louisiana residents in need. Beyond trauma support and resiliency training, Ripple Effects also provides digital tools to address non-academic factors in school success such as customized software and programs for staff.

Many schools in southern Louisiana have since reopened, and people are worried about students’ needs moving forward. “Not only are we anticipating to have our own children returning, with extra needs, but we also anticipate transfers from our neighboring districts who were hit even harder than us,” said Ms. Brandy Gonzales, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, Tangipahoa Parish School Board.

More than 20 Louisiana parishes have used the programs designed by Ripple Effects for students who need extra social-emotional support.

The creator of the Ripple Effects software wants to offer those affected the opportunity to use the programs free of charge. Anyone with Internet access in the affected areas can access the programs through October.

Alice Ray, Ripple Effects CEO says use of these digital programs can provide big help to counselors and social workers stretched thin in addressing that trauma.