Scandy Launches Beta for 3D Scanning on Android Devices

Scandy, a New Orleans-based 3D scanning and 360º panorama capture platform, has released Scandy Pro for Android built with Scandy Core.

Through a partnership with pmdtechnologies (pmd), Scandy Pro allows users to create detailed 3D scans from an Android device in real time using the pmd pico flexx time-of-flight ToF sensor. Pmd is a worldwide leader in these 3D sensors.

“As a maker, the potential for creating dimensionally accurate models on a sub-millimeter scale from a system that costs less than $500 is something I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’m really proud we are able to provide this solution finally,” states Scandy co-founder and CTO Cole Wiley.

Scandy’s mission is to be the easiest way to create 3D content from a smartphone. In April, Scandy announced a $1 million seed funding round, which was used to develop their application for the launch of the first phones equipped with the embedded depth sensors.

The startup now offers a much less expensive way to capture 3D scans because professional devices of the same caliber often cost thousands of dollars. The Scandy Pro solution costs under $500.

Scandy Core, an SDK that is open to developers, allows Android devices to track and scan objects, resolving each frame of 3D data in an average of .32 seconds,” shared Scandy. “Scandy Pro compiles and renders 3D scans in-app, usable for a variety of professional and consumer applications like AR/VR, CAD, or 3D printing.”

The company is currently seeking beta testers for Scandy Pro. To learn more visit