Nominations Open for Annual Ada Lovelace Award for Women in Tech

Last fall, idea acceleration company LookFar created an event to celebrate an innovative woman in the New Orleans technology community. The 2016 Ada Lovelace Award for Woman of the Year in GNO Tech will be presented on October 11 during NOLA Tech Week, which is also Ada Lovelace day.

The award honors the achievements of one New Orleans leader who exemplifies the technical foresight and intuition that so characterized all of Ada Lovelace’s endeavors.

LookFar Ada Lovelace

“Long known as one of the true innovators behind the birth of the programmable computer, Ada Lovelace was more than a brilliant thinker or mathematician,” organizers share. “Instead, she was a visionary, a woman who grasped the potential of one of the earliest computers – Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine – and predicted the impacts that it would have on everyday life over one hundred years in the future.”

Nominations for the second annual awards are now open. A full list of the nominees will be announced October 1 prior to the celebration of women in technology a week and a half later.

Nominees must be female, work in Southeastern Louisiana, and work in technology, although she does not need to be a developer to qualify.

Previous nominees included startup founders, executives, engineers, developers and more.