New Orleans App Development Company Heads to Houston

Apptitude was founded four years ago with a simple purpose: to make great apps and websites for great people. The New Orleans-based software development firm has recently announced it is opening a satellite office in Houston.

The company provides app design, web design, and Application Programming Interface (API) design to its wide ranging clients.

Founder Chris Boyd originally moved to New Orleans from Houston, a city he says has a much less cohesive tech scene than the Big Easy. However, Boyd continued, “the city is burgeoning and with a lot of excited and enthusiastic people involved. Their scene has a lot of momentum in biotech, thanks in large part to the Texas Medical Center, which has helped diversify their economy in recent years.”

Boyd chose Houston for this expansion because it is where one of their flagship clients, The Houston Zoo, is located. He says they have had a great, long-running relationship with them, building products for the zoo such as and the official Houston Zoo smartphone app.

“We also have a lot of great clients there, I have a lot of contacts there, and we’re talking to some really great companies in the area, so the expansion just seemed like a natural progression.”

Boyd told Silicon Bayou News that his company is going where the customers are. There are currently seven people on the Apptitude team and they are also actively seeking a client communications person. The company will also be looking for sales and client communications roles in Houston as well.

In New Orleans, the team just put the finishing touches on a major update to a suite of apps they created for the French Quarter Hotel Collection, an innovative client they have been working with for two years.

When asked if they plan to continue branching out into other cities, Boyd said definitely. “Our strategy has been to go where there is a burgeoning tech scene and a lot of enthusiasm, but somewhat of a dearth of providers that can help build the things the people in the tech scene want to build. I can think of several cities where that strategy could apply: Nashville, Little Rock, and Salt Lake City would definitely be at the top of our list.”