Test Your Idea For a School With the Tiny Fellowship Program

4.0 Schools has launched applications for their Tiny Fellowship, the smarter path to launching your idea for a school, educational programs, and edtech tools.

The part-time program is designed to support participants wherever they live through virtual and in-person coaching, even for those with full-time jobs.

“We welcome part-timers — we don’t think worrying about paying your bills will help you think big. By the end of the Tiny Fellowship, you’ll have real customers and the foundation to build a sustainable organization.”

4.0 Schools finds, trains, and invests in passionate people solving the most important challenges in education. They believe that big ideas start small, with tiny tests.

Fellows receive:

  1. Access to coaching from experts – The Tiny Fellowship is self-paced and you opt-into the services you want. You’ll have access to on-demand virtual coaching from the 4.0 team, a bench of expert coaches, and virtual programming that develops you as a founder.
  2. $10,000 in equity-free capital – Fellows have a flexible wallet of $10,000 that you can use to run pilots with paying customers and opt-in to coaching and programming from 4.0.
  3. Community of peers – Each cohort includes up to 25 founders building schools, educational programs, and edtech tools. You’ll come together in person at the beginning of the fellowship and we’ll organize peer-learning groups for you to learn from one another.
  4. Credibility – Whether it’s a paid beta of your tech product or a sponsored month-long version of your school, we’ll push for every founder to leave the Tiny Fellowship with users who have paid you for your idea.

Applications are due by September 12.