High Voltage Software’s Latest Game Gets Nearly Perfect Review

High Voltage Software (HVS) is an independent game developer for all major platforms. Their latest release, Damaged Core, was recently reviewed by UploadVR, a site focused on virtual reality (VR) news, events, and talent.

Damaged Core is a first-person shooter experience on the Oculus VR headset. The game explores the,”near-future story of mankind on the brink of extinction following a robotic uprising led by a swarm intelligence known as the Core.” explains HVS.

Upload VR’s review, written by Joe Durbin, ranked the game a “near masterpiece,” scoring 9.5/10.

“Damaged Core stands as the new high-water mark that VR game studios should strive to surpass,” writes Durbin. “Its amazing execution should serve to catapult this entire industry into a higher level of excellence. Damaged Core is a brilliant game, an important game, and one that absolutely deserves the score you see above. The new king of VR shooters has arrived. Now stop reading and go play it.”

Positives highlighted in the review include:

  • Brilliant game mechanics that make sense narratively
  • Addictive combat
  • Strikingly beautiful visuals
  • Engaging Story with interesting characters
  • Solid Replayability

HVS made an announcement in late 2014 that it was opening an office in New Orleans. The company was offered an incentive package to help the state compete with other site selection possibilities in Georgia, Florida and Texas. The package includes a performance-based $150,000 grant to reimburse relocation expenses, along with the comprehensive solutions of LED FastStart, the nation’s top-ranked state workforce development program.