Pitchin’ Ain’t Easy…Or is it?

So you have been chosen to “pitch” your company at a local pitch competition. The audience is mixed with angel investors, other entrepreneurs, and community people who want to support the ecosystem. The organizers have given you five minutes to tell your story to a group who may or may not have had a couple of drinks. You panic and wonder: What have I said “yes” to?

Don’t worry, pitching really only comes down to three things:

Sell yourself first.

Pitches are designed to be a quick, rapid fire of information. You need to do all you can to make a connection with the audience within seconds. We tend to listen to people we like and want to root for and that is what you want from the audience – to root for you and help you grow your business. People bet on the jockey, not the horse. You are the asset, so sell YOU.

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