New Orleans Band Launches GoFundMe Campaign Following Equipment Theft

Beloved New Orleans-based band Big Sam’s Funky Nation had just set out on their tour of the West Coast in Las Vegas when when their van was broken into and several instruments were stolen.

According to the band’s manager, Steven Klein, someone “smashed the windows in the van stealing Sam’s notorious long time trombone, JBlakk Henderson’s Bass amp and Seizo Shibayama’s guitar, amongst other personal items including Sam’s favorite Krewe du Optics.”

Local marketing agency R&D Design is helping the band get the money to replace the instruments. Big Sam’s Funky Nation is now using a GoFundMe campaign to raise $12,600 and, in the last day alone, the campaign has already raised $2,335.

Ryan Becnel, creative director of R&D Design. “All money raised through the campaign will go directly to replacing the equipment lost in the break-in.” Their goal is to have the money raised to replace the equipment in the next two weeks and for the instruments to be in the hands of the band by early November.